I figure out how to make a HTML Database Tables..I will be turning all of Lotsoftpro database into a HTML Database Tables.. 

I was reading a MYSQL ebook..and a bell start ringing or idea went off in my head.. why don't I make a HTML version of MYSQl where you are in control..of what data you want to use..

A Simple Database for Dummies..its so simple...and you have control of which data you want backtest..with its (HTML)subqueries ...

I love to teach by example,so let's take a look at this one.

Let's say we're working a database table(HTML) thats deals with numbers and filters.

A Numbers has a filters and many filter groups has all the pertinent fields associated with it like so:

I'd like to leave you with this trick I use to help me understand what's going on when grouping data.

if we try to include data in our grouped query that doesn't exist in the grouping criteria,then our results will be strange and make no sense.

What's a HTMl table?

Well a table is where we stored the rows and columns.You can think of a table like an individual spreadsheet.
a table is where all of our data is actually stored in our HTML database.
It's kind of like a folder on your desktop. It helps us organize our data.

for now I want you to concentrate on the concept of rows and columns...tables.


Step One: Click the Link


Step Two: This is the HTML Database Tables

Step Two:  The database calculator part.. where you can put  what ever  filter relationships you wants to use..and click go!!



Step Three: This is the HTML Database Tables where you find relationships with numbers,days sums etc..like 500% Prize Ratio's you can enter numbers from 000 to 999 and see which numbers are related..like we put 123 in the box below..so we look down the column "#" we have followers 014,015,025,etc..